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Modified Palmyrah and Coconut Tree Climber (Seating Type)

By : Mr D. N. Venkat , Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Innovation Description

Innovator Mr D. N. Venkat hails from Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. He had studied up to 8th standard. He was working in khadi spinning unit as daily wage labour. He became jobless and return to agriculture. He understands the difficulties of tree climbing. The tree climbers are in rarity these days. There is a reluctance among workers to enter this field of work as it is a very risky work and very laborious to climb a tree and pluck coconuts. Due to scarcity of labour, the farmers harvest the coconuts only once in three to four months, against the general norm of harvesting cycle of 45 -60 days. So to make the process of climbing trees and so that it can be easily climbed by an unskilled person he developed a tool.  


Mr  Venkat  has 
modified a tool for palmyrah and coconut tree climber which is seating type. 

Technical details
modified tree climber has a provision for seating and it made in two parts/frames. The upper frame is operated by hand the lower one is operated by the leg. Rollers are provided on both the frame. The user sits comfortably on the seat and by the up and down movement of the upper and lower frame, can easily climb the tree. A locking system has been provided, which enables the climber to work without feat at any height. To avoid the possibility of a fall, a four lock pin will be fixed at any height and a safety belt is also provided. 

When the climber is placed with the tree on its bottom portion, the operator makes a step gradually by first placing the top frame in the upper region and then he takes the bottom frame towards the upper direction. The same process is repeated until he reaches the top portion of the tree. Upward and downward movement of the climbing device is 
completely manual 

One can climb on an average of about 25 coconut trees. One of the major advantages of this tool is useful for the tree of varied girth/diameter. This climber is provided with an additional safety harness for additional safety. The seating arrangement is provided for the rest during operation. No skilled person is required to operate the developed tool. 

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