Beyond the boundaries of formal institutions, a large number of individuals in the informal sector have been engaged in innovative technological pursuits of their own. Over the last two decades, the National Innovation Foundation - India (NIF) has been earnestly scouting and documenting such technological ideas and innovations of the people at the grassroots and school students from all parts of the country to identify the novel innovations and practices to be taken forward for incubation.

This portal is an initiative of the NIF to bring into the public domain the database of technological ideas, innovations and herbal knowledge available with it. These innovations pertain to various domains such as agricultural machinery, household gadgets, energy, transport, electronics, and communication, general utility, plant varieties, herbal plant protection practices, herbal veterinary practices, among others.

NIF encourages MSMEs and Entrepreneurs to explore the portal, identify innovations for manufacturing and/or marketing, and get in touch for further discussion. Other visitors such as researchers, readers, etc may relish going through the creative work undertaken by grassroots innovators and school students from all parts of the country.



Modified Combine Harvester

ProfileMr. Surendra Prasad hails from Sant Kabir Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Due to poor economic conditions and a father’s ill health, he had to leave studies at an early… View More


Tractor Operated Paddy Transplanter

ProfileInnovators Mr.  Shyambir Singh and Mr. Ved Prakash are originally hailing from Uttar Pradesh, They are farmers with knowledge of fabrication and machinery. Ved Prakash tried his hands at farming,… View More


Extra Weft Handloom Machine

Profile Innovator Mr. Dipak  Bharali hails from Kamarupa district of Assam.   Purpose Shri. Dipak has developed a machine that ensures weaving of better quality fabrics. Technical details The device consists… View More


Modified Palmyrah and Coconut Tree Climber (Seating Type)

Profile Innovator Mr D. N. Venkat hails from Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. He had studied up to 8th standard. He was working in khadi spinning unit as daily wage… View More

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